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Tag Archives: redesign

We launched the redesign of Tennessee Today this morning. Highlights of this redesign include providing an outstanding mobile experience, spotlighting news from our colleges, providing an easy way to sign up for and view past issues of our daily e-newsletter, providing story-to-story navigation and more efficient ways to browse stories of a similar topic, and drawing attention to ongoing campus news.

Today an updated Cone Zone website launched. It uses our latest version of the responsive WordPress theme and has been […]

UT identity resources–including web templates–are now available! Resources, tools, instructions, and guidelines for official university communications are live the Office […]

So we’re really proud of our butcher paper wireframe. But, the demands of the medium require a digital translation. We […]

Our half-day retreat began with a beef-chicken-chorizo-black bean taco potluck extravaganza. Followed by 4.5 hours of discussion and wireframing […]

Before we began organizing our architecture into a visual wireframe, we did a bit more due diligence. We looked at […]

After a couple weeks of hashing, we’re getting to the point where we can/should begin wireframing and see how […]

Everyone on the Web Team put together their choices for the information architecture (primary navigation, secondary navigation, tertiary navigation) […]

After our usability testing, we had a major load of videos to code and survey responses to comb through and […]

We visited Fulton High School and conducted usability testing on with 16 high school students. We used a three-part […]