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Our Orange

We are orange.

Others may also wear orange, but for them it is a color chosen. For the University of Tennessee, orange is at the core of who we are.

Our specific shade of orange, UT Orange, is achieved with a CMYK value of 0 50 100 0 when designing for print.*

When designing for the web or other electronic communications, such as HTML e-mails or Powerpoint presentations, UT Orange is achieved with a hexadecimal value of F77F00.

Our orange requires a special set of colors to accent and support it. Primarily, “White” and “Smokey” should always be used to underscore the boldness of UT Orange, invoking a sense of the pairing of our institution’s momentum and respect for tradition.

Orange is vibrant. Orange is energetic. Orange commands attention, on the field or in the board room. Orange leaves an impression. We wear it with pride. We should allow our publications and websites to wear it with pride, too.

Be sure to visit our brand resources page for more communications and marketing tools.

* In the rare instance where you need to use a spot color on a printed piece, you should use PMS 144. Though our orange is PMS 151, that specific value cannot be accurately matched to a CMYK breakdown. PMS 144 is a more reliable choice in print. PMS 151 should be used when ordering promotional items (pens, mugs, T-shirts, etc.).