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Branding 101: Let’s get visual

We’ve said it before: A brand is more than just a logo, a color, or a tagline. It’s about reputation.

But to uphold that good reputation through our communications, we should be proud of UT Knoxville and present an immediate and positive first impression. The way we do that is through our visual language—the elements of any publication or website that our audiences will see before they even read the first word.

Two of the most important visual elements are our logo and our primary color of orange. They illustrate our university’s energy and embody the UT Knoxville brand.

Our logo

The UT Knoxville logo (aka the wordmark) is the primary identifier for our university. It’s the most immediate and most recognizable way for our audiences to know that the publication in their hands or the website on their monitor is from UT Knoxville. The logo should appear on all UT print and web communications.

UT Knoxville Wordmark

Orange, our primary color

We are orange. Orange is us. Others may also wear orange, but for them it is a color chosen. For the University of Tennessee, orange is at the core of who we are.

Its origins, of course, lie in the orange daisies that flourished on the Hill in the late nineteenth century. Orange was literally rooted in the center of the campus. Its shade has shifted over the years, just as the campus has shifted westward. But just as the Hill remains the spiritual center of the campus, orange remains central to who we are.

Orange is vibrant. Orange is energetic. Orange commands attention, on the field or in the board room. Orange leaves an impression.

We wear it with pride. Our publications and websites should wear it with pride, too.

Orange Swatch