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Branding 101: A Good Reputation

Branding 101We all tend to think of a brand as an attempt to sell something, whether it’s a refreshing soda, a swanky pair of jeans, or a new car that burns up the highways. While that may be true, a brand is much more.

It’s about reputation, and UT’s brand should reflect that reputation. Do we give students a top-notch experience? Our publications should reflect that. Do we have faculty working at the forefront of research and creativity? Our websites should reflect that. Do we have a university worthy of our Top 25 aspirations? Everything we say and do should answer with a resounding “yes.”

We all benefit from a better UT. And if we’re consistent in what we say and present when representing UT, we make our university an even better place.

Creative Communications, with the help of communicators across campus, is working to better understand UT Knoxville’s brand and how we all can best promote the university and our stellar students, faculty, and staff. In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to learn more in Tennessee Today and here in our blog.

Let’s all think of how we can build and uphold our university’s brand—our good reputation.

2 thoughts on “Branding 101: A Good Reputation

  1. To start you might state precisely and consistently the name of this institution.

    Is the proper full name for this campus The University of Tennessee, Knoxville — with a comma as the separating punctuation?

    What is the proper abbreviated form of the name? UTK? UT Knoxville? UT, Knoxville? UT? The text above uses UT Knoxville without the comma.

    On this web page alone one finds:

    The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    UT Knoxville

    all referring to the same institution.

  2. Consistent usage of the university’s full name and abbreviated name is one of the important issues we will address as we develop official editorial guidelines in the coming months.

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